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Posted October 15th

Director of Bottling

Coxs Creek, Kentucky

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Posted October 15th

Director of Bottling

Coxs Creek, Kentucky




Senior Level


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About The Position
Four Roses Distillery, LLC in Cox's Creek, KY is seeking an experienced, strategic Director of Bottling to lead the Bottling team.
The Bottling Director is responsible for all bottling operations required in the production of finished case goods, including but not limited to: safety, production operations, procedure development and execution, quality adherence, inventory, shipping and receiving.  This person will create a culture of standard operating and problem-solving methods, valuing teamwork and efficiency impacts throughout the facility and company.  
Summary of Major Job Duties:
·       Plan and develop strategic initiatives to achieve performance, quality, safety standards and ensure achievement of manufacturing goals.  
·       Ensure maximization of production capabilities to achieve customer satisfaction while attaining production KPI’s of safety, quality, productivity, efficiency, capacity, cost control, staff development and customer service. 
·       Identify, implement and manage change; leading and supporting the need for a continuous improvement environment, champion improvements following PDCA cycle and root cause analysis
·       Direct, oversee daily bottling operations, track and monitor bottling schedule and production and manage manpower as required.  
·       Partner with sales for planning and forecast of new business.
·       Plan long range capital spending, implement, approve and manage bottling capital projects within CapEx budget. 
·       Develop and execute Bottling mid-term business plan, track progress, present monthly and quarterly management review. 
·       Negotiate and monitor bottling related contracts. 
·       Operate and manage as safety first environment, monitoring and inspecting for safe bottling operations.
·       Lead local, state and federal policy and procedure compliance with all TTB, DOT and governmental regulators, including EPA and OSHA.  
·       Ensure all inventory control formulas, reporting is accounted and maintained in Microsoft AX(IMS), create and verify reports for month end close.  Monitor internal and external finished goods inventory locations.
·       Manage single barrel withdrawal process and quality approvals; coordinate case good shipments.
·       Oversee management and administration of quality related programs and documentation relating to bottling operations, sample related items, lab operations.  Participate in sensory evaluations.
·       Coach, develop and encourage direct staff reports for maximized capability and output, enable their authority and hold firm in accountability of aligned performance goals, structure, policy and procedures.
·       Interact and manage teams (bottling managers, supervisors, union bottlers, etc.) to effectively direct the department.  Promote open communications and team work; building relationships.  
Required Competencies                                                                                                                                                      
·       Effective decision maker in a high pressure and fast paced environment.
·       High level of problem solving (PDCA / A3), critical thinking, reasoning skills (clear plans for action)
·       Business acumen, understands basic business operations; risks/opportunities
·       Financial and budgeting experience; development of capital budget, cost control  
·       Leads and manages with continuous improvement philosophy 
·       Transparent and effective communicator; Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to communicate with all levels of employees/staff/visitors.  
·       Positive attitude, team-oriented approach
·       Effective leader, coach and manager
·       Strong organizational skills, the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, maintain flexibility as necessary.
·       Ability to build and maintain positive relationships, manage conflicts and encourage a collaborative working environment with direct reports, coworkers and members of management.
·       Change manager; engage, reduce resistance and ease acceptance  
·       Autonomous and motivated, leader who obtains positive results
·       Technical aptitude 
Required Education and Experience
·       Must be at least 21 years of age
·       Bachelors’ Degree; preferably business, manufacturing management or related field 
·       Experience in union environment
·       Minimum five (5) years’ experience operating in beverage bottling  
·       Experience with quality systems
·       Excellent and proven level of proficient computer literacy with ability to utilize Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel and Outlook; must have ability to adapt to bottling line software.  
Preferred Education and Experience 
·       Experience in spirits industry
·       Master’s degree in business or related field 
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Coxs Creek, Kentucky