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Posted November 7th

Warehouse Supervisor

Carrollton, TX



Southern Champion / BuzzBallz, LLC





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Posted November 7th

Warehouse Supervisor

Carrollton, TX








Full Time

About The Position
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Job Description:

The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for warehouse functions. This individual monitor the daily activities of checkers, loaders and forklift drivers while ensuring the loading/unloading of all route trucks, bulk rigs and transports is completed in an efficient and safe manner.

Job Duties:
        • Manage and direct the daily activities of checkers, loaders, and forklift drivers
        • Efficiently supervise the loading/unloading of all route trucks, bulk rigs, and transports
        • Maintain and control warehouse inventory to keep shrink at an acceptable level
        • Reconcile any inventory variances
        • Work closely with internal management to execute all planned programs
        • Train and supervise a staff of warehouse personnel
        • Direct the daily housekeeping and maintenance of warehouse grounds
        • Adheres to all policies and procedures relating to product age and quality
        • Maintain and supervise warehouse cost control
        • Manage and model the safety culture and strive for 100% compliance concerning safety policies and procedures
        • Minimum of 2 to 4 years’ experience supervising & leading people in a warehouse environment
        • Forklift experience & an excellent safety record
        • Must have strong leadership, communication, organizational & customer service skills
        • Should have good PC knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as basic math skills
        • Must be self-motivated with a high degree of integrity & be able to perform job duties with minimal supervision on a timely basis
        • Past job performance must reflect dependability, maturity, initiative, personal demeanor, & the ability to exercise sound judgment
        • ERP experience preferred
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Carrollton, TX
Function Details
  • Reports To Production Manager